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September 10, 2007


Andrew - you can find the voting thingy here:


Whilst it's clearly no contest, methinks you will be shafted by the fact that Marcus has comedy value on his side...and the promise of you singing Ma Baker!

I agree the Smith's artwork is amazing. I found it strange that Belle & Sebastian appropiated the Smiths style of their covers without any of the depth.

We'll see John, we'll see. I foresee a number of Smiths people taking offence at Marcus trying to turn into an episode of Ant and Dec.

70:30 in your favour at the mo, so you could be right!

Good so far, but in true Northern fashion I refuse to be optimistic

NP, nice work on the Warhol factor, especially in the face of artwork from the punk era concentrating on deconstruction. These album artworks show strength, poetry and singularity of purpose, important in the context of arse-end-of-thatcherism. The depth of the covers illustrate the depth of the writing and the need for a poetic alternative to the simple 3-minute pop song of the late 70s.

Dear Mr. Northern.

On the strength of the album artwork ALONE I will pass you my vote - there's no competition really on this score.

the best thing about the smiths artwork is that i'm on the inside gatefold of their last album rank. those wankers dragging me down, morriesey loved me but couldn't admit it. yes i've had a drop, but no matter. it's all true.

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