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March 31, 2011


First of all I have to say this is a bloody awesome post ... secondly, I would say your write up of what the mission of LEVIS - by W+K - is almost bang on. Sure, some of the words are different, but the sentiment is 100% and what that also demonstrates that when people say "the strategy is showing", it doesn't mean it's a negative thing as long as you're talking about cultural provocation and the work is allowed to breathe rather than have all the life boiled out of it.

I really hope everyone embarking on the APSOTW assignment see the value in what you're doing here, but even if they're not taking part, the lessons you're giving are awesome and should be turned into a book because there's more practical advice in these posts than in countless APG books.

Sorry APG.

You are very kind.
I hate that strategy is showing rubbish, which usually said by people who think they're here to make art rather than money
And don't go overboard on books, most of this stuff is recycling much cleverer people's ideas and articles, the bibliograhy would be longer than the actual book

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