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February 22, 2012


What a great post - love it.

Given I work on 2 of the brands that you talk about in this post, what I can say is the difference between them and many others we could talk about is that when they 'brief' us, they don't - as you highlight - say "WE WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUR [insert product feature that has little relevance other than to make the R&D boys feel better]" they talk about cultural circumstance, the things affecting their business and what they need to make people feel/think, to encourage changing it.

That doesn't mean they don't have hard - and specific - goals attached, it's just their reasoning behind communication is less about TELL and more about feel.

Does that make sense?

Great post, prompted me to finally read Byron Sharps book (which is superb).

There's definite need in our Midlands base to stop (as Rob says in his comment) wanting to base everything on a specific, and often boring/irrelevant features. Love what Rob says about feel, not tell - which seems to me to be what Sharp also believes.... that it's more important to be distinct, not different - relevant, not unique.


but if this Chrysler ad is also about encouraging people to buy luxury models, won't other car manufacturers benefit from this ? Consumers after watching this ad could consider buying bmw or mercedes instead. m?

I doubt it, since what Chrysler only Chrysler could do (with the possible exception of Ford) because it's about talking where the car comes from and who makes it - namey Detroit- and tapping into the grit and pride that's quintessinetial America.
BMW and Mercedez are German and the semiotics of those cars tend to be about teutonic precision and success - reinforcing the problem I think.
As Rob suggests, the work taps into American's wounded pride and a rallying call to make things better through sheer grit and will, making the car a distinctive symbol of anything but success, a badge of solidarity and making it through hard work an implicit rebuke to the elitist, out of touch, fast buck artists that brought the nation to its knees...who probably drive Mercs, Beemers. Porsche and Lexus
or at least that's what I think

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