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May 17, 2012


Vielen Dank für den Austausch mit uns, ich glaube, das ist die Zeit zum Lesen ist sehr nett, mit Ihnen zu teilen, was gut werden meine Freunde article.i einzuführen.

Lernen ist eine Art von Reichtum. Wegen ihrer Artikel werden wir lernen, viele Dinge. Thanks for sharing.

The problem with 'trends' is that a lot of them are not even trends - they're occasional occurrences, packaged up to represent a sizable shift in behaviour and attitudes by companies whose job is to appear 'always in the know'.

An old client of mine once ran a project to study the trends certain companies had claimed were gaining momentum and then analysed what had happened over an 18 month period. If memory serves me, a very large percentage accounted for nothing ... further highlighting that it's just as valid to 'create' the shift you want than to wait to hopefully catch the right trend wave to surf your way to glory.

Sorry, going off tangent here.

What you're saying in this post is right, how people feel is a vital component that is often missed and when you get that, you can create cultural magic.

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