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June 25, 2012


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I love the English sense of eccentricity - it's charming, interesting and utterly amusing. I knew of a man that created a gun to kill flies. A teensy little gun. He also had a doormat that said, "All who enter here agree to accept my genius and will not argue with anything I say". No it wasn't Andy.

Eccentricity was the basic foundation of the Tango strategy from Apple through to Blackcurrant - but not orange, at least not initially - which will mean little to many, but a lot to me and, at least in my mind, why it became a brand that meant more to society than it ever should have.

I fear it's being slowly diluted out of society in favour of MBAesque, pseudo intellectual, image focused rubbish ... same with the art of the understatement ... attributes that are as British as the Bowler Hat but far more enjoyable for everyone to experience.

God bless the scarecrow festivals. We need more of that stuff.

Brilliant stuff. Perfectly quirky.
You're getting flooded with spam though NP! (Not the kind Rob was talking about the other day either)

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