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June 28, 2012


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What about women? They don't hunt and gather. Never have. Never will. Might want to brush up your anthropology mate.

Thanks for your comment, but I'm not sure you've really read the post properly, as much of it was about clothes and, largely, women.
Perhaps you don't understand that hunting and gathering was a metaphor.
As it happens, I've quite an interest in anthropology, as it's a much better source of insight than primary research, and contemporory females are actually doing a fair but of modern 'hunter gathering' as they increasingly take an equal, or even primary role in household breadwinning, crowd out blokes in the modern marketplace and generally feed male anxiety about that 'hunter gatherer' role.

Actually given that traditionally the shopping was done by the woman of the household, doesn't that make (in shopping terms) women the main hunter gatherers?

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