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March 08, 2013


I loved this.

"People live in the real world. Not dimly lit hotel rooms or TGI runs"

To which I'd add - nor do they live in the vaults of 'Big Data'.

Or in bizarre and overstraining segmentation studies.

"Go to the jungle, not the zoo." I'm going to shamelessly steal that.

God, not Big Data.
And steal away, I have displayed little conscience in pilfering your stuff

I've been taking the bus in St. Paul Minnesota for the last 3 years and I keep telling my delvelopment team that if they'd just ride for a week they'd have 100's of new ideas. Excellent article.

Life happens beyond the comfort of your desk or the confines of the research group. More people should remember that and follow it.

This post made me think how The National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney used to make their acting students work as bus ticket collectors because that was how they'd be exposed to the most raw and diverse insights into life and people...

I thought I'd already commented but apparently my phone disagreed!

Well put. Amazing how many agency folk seem to forget about the real world.

As the founder of Instagram said - "A day in the wild is worth a month of guessing"

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