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March 25, 2014


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There's no demand for awkward people who challenge everything.

You're writing some of your best stuff at the moment ... this a perfect case in point. I think vulnerability it a great trait in a planner, it keeps you questioning and challenging yourself ... pushing you to do better or start again. Of course, there's a point where you have to make a call ... where you construct your point of view and stand by it ... but that doesn't mean you have to pretend the other issues don't exist, in fact in my experience, highlighting them and then explaining why you've walked away from that line of approach works wonders for people jumping in and going forward together. But you can't get too used to that, because as you said, the best part of our job is when we fear for our own point of view ... at least on the journey towards the light.

It depends on how grumpy they are

That was in response to John
That's very kind of you Rob.
As it happens, I think of weakness of agency presentations is too much distillation - it sometimes looks like it was too easy
And totally agree, it's more about having a 70% proven point of view that everyone can jump on, rather than a late, uninteresting 95% right white elephant.

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