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August 04, 2014


The thing I love about this post is that you've recognised how you work best. Or should I say, how you get to the viewpoints that help you work best. As an industry, we try and push a regimented approach to every aspect of the 'process', but some people work better just talking things out ... some work better just hiding and thinking ... some work better by going to the pub.

The secret - at least for me - is that you should adopt whatever works for you in this 'development of your POV', which is very different from the development of the work. That needs interaction ... that needs debate ... but as long as you have spent time working out where your head is at before all this, it's never a waste of time, it just pushes and provokes more interesting possibilities.

I like this post. I don't like brainstorms. [Though that's more because of what they've become rather than what they actually are]

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