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November 14, 2014


3.40 Are they kidding?

Not to mention their clean-ness and propagating the doubtful stories about football matches etc. Probably didn't happen and visitors however well intentioned ended up being taken prisoner cos those were the rules of war. Unofficial truces happened, but fraternisation most likely is mythical.

So, yes the Irn-Bru ad kicks their butt.

Thank you, Andrew, I'd not seen the Christmas ad, or some of the others before.
Very good - what agency created them?

AMV did the WW1 thingy

My friends at The Leith Agency did the Snowman, a genuine cultural icon in Scotland

Agree that it feels quite bolted on.
It does feel to me though, that the central element is actually promoting the idea of peace, and that what we share is stronger than what divides us. To that extent I don't feel like it in any way exploits anyone involved in that conflict or others. Peace is a huge part of Christmas. If you think about most families who come together, and forget their day to day issues with each other to share - that's kind of a smaller version of the same ideal.

Without the Legion partnership it might have felt a bit crass, even though I think the tone is well played. But as is, I think it's a powerful piece that reminds us of the real meanings behind Christmas rather than another ad showing us people decorating and cooking turkeys.

That Irn Bru ad is still pure class. That really should be their version of 'Holidays are coming."

Glad you shared your point of view
I read a piece about how it taps into a lost sense of nostalgia and the need to connect to people we are lacking
Totally gfe all that and what you say about how we feel about Christmas but somehow I don't get sainsburys role in it
Maybe I'm being too literal

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