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August 14, 2015


The problem with big data is that when we turn people into numbers, we dehumanise them. It's a quirk of how our heads work (A bias, if you want to be on-trend). The more data, the less it connects to humanity. So organisations who make decisions based on looking at masses of data tend to make less and less "human" decisions.

The antidote is to use empathy as much as numbers. But the ability to emphasise, like wisdom, needs nurture and experience. Creatives tend to have an innate ability to do it, so we should trust them a bit more and the numbers a bit less, I think. The problem is that you need someone to stand in a boardroom and argue for instinct over/as well as data, which very few people are prepared to do.

Another case study of behavioural online targeting. I was selling shoes on ebay the other day and couple of days I was visiting facebook and saw my shoes advertised to me!

You too?

We're going o have to send out the memo again - the Target story is a myth. http://www.kdnuggets.com/2014/05/target-predict-teen-pregnancy-inside-story.html


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