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May 26, 2006


This is so true, I was talking about it yesterday driving back from a presentation with one of our client directos.
I was a creative so I know the dynamics.
And the points number 3,5 and 6... I would only expand them by saying that in presentations a planner should be funny, witty and interesting but a bit understating, not flamboyant. That's up to the creatives...

Great thoughts. Really.

That's a great point about not trying to usurp the creative function. Creatives seem to like planners who are generous with their ideas, but happy for someone else to use them how they want. Would you agree?

I tend to define planning with creatives about the quantity of stimuli, not about quality (in a sense, of course).
Our job to me is to give as much stimuli as I can who are consistent and differentiating.
It's up to the creatives to make'em great ads! What do you think?

Couldn't agree more,the more pictures, analagy and video the better, as long as it's relevant.

9 is right on the money: fighting inertia. getting the balance between knowing what a client wants and showing a way out of their comfort zone that isn't too uncomfortable :-P

boredom = death.

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