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June 22, 2006


Enthusiasm is key to winning people over, I definitely agree, be it interviews or pitches.

Re: American outlook - I used to think the 'happy all the time' persona was a con. That was until I visited California, and was taken aback.

Most Californians are like that ALL the time. It's amazing.

Present passion not perfection.


Totally agree - if only we could be dry, witty and enthusiastic at the same time!

Is hard to pull off - In her book Watching the English the anthropologist Kate Fox says this is because the English mistrust people who seem to care too much or try too hard - she calls it The Importance of Not Being Earnest rule.

More here: http://www.sirc.org/news/watching_the_english.shtml

I think we need to get over that. Man.

That's a good point about trying too hard. There's no point trying to look interested if you're not, or cool for that matter. The solution? Just make sure you're presentation is interesting, if it bores the pants of you, what chance has it of connecting with your audience?

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