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October 20, 2006


1. Hardly a weakness! Second time ive ever had it as a drink, and had they had a decent bitter or proper beer I wouldnt have got it. Its not like I had Pimms or a Bacardi Breezer now is it...

2. I dread to think. I also am scared which one is me.

3. A speaker per table with audio directed upwards rather than outwards would mean every table can have their own perfect ambience.

4. No, its just as amusing and interesting.

5. Hope so, its turning into a good event. But what should My Brain Hurts IV have as its tagline?

Robert doth protest too much.
Can I be Karl?

Indeed I do!
Besides, its a nice drink...

Still protesting.
Feel free to berate me for liking Baileys on ice, inexcusable too...

Well, id say thats worse ;)

Baileys with chocolate ice cream is brilliant though.

As is an Orange and Passionfruit J20 mixed with a double vodka and topped with Tango.

Its what happens when you work in a pub...

God help the poor researcher who gets Rob in his or her focus group explaining his drink preferences :-)

I'll just have to give them one of the others in my repetiour...

I'd still like to see Rob ina research group though.

i'm not sure the gervais analogy works. rob could be karl. he certainly has that knack of talking gibberish as if it's not gibberish ;-)

isn't gibberish a good word!

He'll make one hell of a planner then.

Oxymoron's a good word too. Makes me think of someone stupid with bad acne.

Right then.

For a load of people who enjoy the job title 'Planner', we are surprisingly hopeless at organising anything. So we'd better get a move on and sort the next Northern Planning Summit.

In case you were all too drunk to remember, I said I'd meet you all in Sheffield, so long as we started early-ish.

Suggestions for dates/venue anyone?

15/16th or 29/30 November would be good for me. I cant do Wed or Thurs the week inbetween.

We could introduce you to the Showroom and the ridiculous madness bringer that is Leffre... Opinions please!

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