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December 18, 2006


I've just asked my frighteningly talented Sweedish planner Fredrik [www.fredriksarnblad.wordpress.com] and amazingly, he agreed.

Mind you, the answer could have very easily been that both are bland, come in boxes and are generally favoured by people of a 'strange' disposition.

tagging you http://fiuymi.blogspot.com/2006/12/look-inside-my-life-courtesy-of-tagging.html
Have a great Christmas up North and a Happy New Year too.


I've moved my blog. Can you change your link to me to this:


Many thanks


Thanks for letting me know Marcus it's done;-)

...and thanks One Woman Running. Hope the New year brings that job

cheers Andrew.

When has a Volvo ever turned up in a box?!

The old models used to look like boxes mind you...

Doesnt surprise me really, but what a fact for xmas!

Jesus Rob ... you're getting as pedantic as Andy. OK, Volvo's are boxy rather than coming in a box and why have people used this entry to talk about stuff other than the issue? Too much Christmas booze it seems

I just thought it was self explanatory!

Of course you're right .... you bloody always are, you clever bugger!

You guys......

ahhah that's great;

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