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December 20, 2006


Your fish and chips reminisence has got me thinking about the weird chip butties my sister and I used to make.

Like you we used buttered bread. We would place a chip or two along the edge of the bread, then roll it up. Brilliant!

Wow. I bet the people who sat next to you in that exam had a shock...

Once my mate and I were messing about before a gcse exam and for some reason i got sprayed in the head with deep heat... the whole exam i smelt (nay stank)like an injured athlete.

I shall post the 5 things next time I get internet access (apart from work!)

Happy Christmas mate ... hope you get stuffed, but in the eating sense of the word only. I'll do that 'tag thing' when my other half has lost sight of me and the laptop. Thanks for your brilliance and wit and hope to meet you sometime soon.

What's wrong with Manic Monday? Be proud!

Thanks for the tag and the very kind words. Have a great Christmas!

Rob, Deep heat makes my skin come out in a vile rash - did your head look like Freddie Krueger.
Abigail, Manic Monday WAS written by Prince I suppose, but people seem to find that funny too these days.
And as for you Cynical Rob, thanks for the nice words, but keep your mits off that keyboard, it will only lead to your presents being sent back

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