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March 13, 2007


Here are some of the people you will typically find on a shoot:

production company producer, agency producer, copywriter, art director, client, account handler, sound man, lighting cameraman, actors, hair person, make-up person, wardrobe person, 1st AD, 2nd AD, 3rd AD, runner, another runner, gaffer, assistant gaffer, camera assistant, production designer, production designer's assistant, spark, assistant spark, carpenter, assistant carpenter, catering chief, catering assistant... there's more but you get the idea.

This is why not everyone can talk to the director.

It slightly annoys me that account handlers think it's laughable that they have to 'go through the producer'.

A lot of people on a shoot have to go through someone else to get to the director.

It's a numbers thing, that's all.

Fair point as always, maybe I shouldn't have compared a shoot to casting. I wasn't sure about posting about this, but at least it gives you the chance to set us straight.
I just wanted to point out that it was useful being able to share some views, but I'm older and wider than I was back then - I'll only speak if it's going to be useful.
I was a bad account person anyway, probably because I found account people funnier than directors.
It didn't always seem just about numbers, occasionally it seemed an ego thing.
Maybe I should stick to posting about tea.

What happened to my post slagging off planners who don't think tone / attitude is important? Have I been censored? Is this a communist blog? I don't know whether I am impressed or bloody scared!

Oh .. and we're putting a 'Northern Tea' flavour to B&J in your honour. Will let you know what they say but if we lose the biz within a week of getting it, you are to blame!

Go to bed campbell.

Ignore him Rob. Golly, I'm honoured, Northern Tea will be a winner, trust me. Mr Mortimer and I will drink a Cointreau to you on Thursday.

Hey Rob, I suggested the Yorkshire Tea ice cream on your blog the other day!

When its down to numbers thats fine, but when egos get involved its bad for everyone...

It's good to talk to directors. They might be busy but who isn't these days and don't palm me off with the assistant carpenter taking up all the time...purlease.

Shit, just realised Rob said Yorkshire Tea flavour whereas you said Brown Bread.

Sorry NP ... but your brownie points are being taken back and handed to Mr Mortimer.

Must try harder ...

Whoops ... sorry, I swore

..And I nearly got away with it.

What's wrong with brown bread flavour?

You sound like one of the baddies in Scooby Doo!

And as for the brown bread flavoured ice cream?

Where do you want me to start?

Some directors here would tell anyone else apart from the writer and art director to fuck off.

In my experience our input is better shoved in during pre-prod phases i.e. treatments/casting shots etc. - rather than breathing down the creative's neck.

I absolutely agree tho' that much of the strategy is played out through execution, so I always try and elbow my way gently in to the process by being generally enthusiastic and not a little nosey.

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