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March 19, 2007


sounds like a blast!! the Box less Ordinary looks lush..

Technically we started this totally seperate of Russell...

Was a good night, great to meet some of the Love team (though I didnt get to speak to all of them). Our two non-planner newbie's were also nice intelligent people; hope we can get them back next time.

I had two beers for your info Andrew!

Thanks for the cake as well Simon, been enjoying that with the Yorkshire Gold :D

I wonder if James had the tent again, was a good chat on the way back though.

Bad news ... Yorkshire Tea Ice Cream is a 'no go'.

I'll try your 'Bread' flavour now mate ... but I wouldn't hold your breath. I need suggestions, Andy has already got 2 being 'investigated' as I type.

What about Branson Pickle?

Or my favoutite cynicablockaglory.

Yorkshire Tea was Rob's idea, told him it was bollocks.
I'd like to see Eccles cake flavour, Trifle, Soreen Malt loaf and butter and best of all, scone with cornish cream and jam flavour.

hey rob c - i was thinking about your ice cream the other day - what about eating Humble Pie.. Vanilla and cinnamon Icecream with chunks of apple pie.. what are andy's icecreams? that arsenic flavour get through?

'Twas indeed good to meet everyone. Charlotte and I were a bit nervous in a meeting new people/being media people rather than creative planners kind of way. But everyone was nice and noone flushed our heads down the toilet (was that just my school?).
Anyway ice cream - chocolate and chilli, or christmas pud and brandy sauce.

Humble Pie is already in 'the system' I'm afraid - courtesy of Andy's head. Damn him and his ice cream recipie genius

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