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April 24, 2007


You know what NP - that's probably the most damn useful post about planning ever.

I have the advantage that I live in Europe so I'll get my comment in before Rob. I can't imagine that he'll disagree with me and either, I suspect, would Russell. They'll do a better job of explaining why but it's a fact none the less.

If you're a young planner, or someone who wants to get into advertising and thinks planning is tops then hang around here. Honestly people.

I meant... neither would Russell.

The thing that I love about 'Planners In Regions That Don't Typically Plan' is that they are so rare, their mindset is to continually fight for the right of their existence.

Rather than sitting back in the safe, comforting knowledge their discipline has achieved mass acceptance and credibility - these people look to relentlessly demonstrate their value and capabilities to bosses, colleagues and paying clients.

The reason I love this is that to me, planning is becoming too much about conversation and not enough about action - and yet the planners who are held up in the highest esteem [ie: George, Russell, Merry and the like] are not the ones who just pontificate for days and days and days ... they are the ones who have got off their arses, worked and collaberated with a wider team and MADE STUFF HAPPEN.

I think there is a humungous value in this whole area NP and personally I believe you should be part of continuing Russell's "Ad School On The Web" thingy because planning is an active role, not a passive role and quite often - unless you are with the right boss or mentor - you could quite easily miss this element all together, especially if you are brought up in an area where planning has little left to really prove.

Love this post - love your attitude - love that planning still has people with fight left in them.

See, He did a better job of explaining why.

I'm with Rob, I love the back to basics stuff, I was going to ask you to be part of the Faculty at the New School of the Web. Fancy that?

You'd better say 'yes' to Russell NP ...

And I am glad my comment met with your approval Marcus. You are a tougher judge than Simon Cowell!

Russell, of course and thanks for asking.

Marcus and Rob, you're too kind. Fight left in me? You've no idea...

Why do you think I like you?

For my looks of course...

That's right - your looks, how did you guess? Don't tell me, because 'I'm only human!'

this is why i love hangin' around this blog and others like it. it's not all pontificating and wanking on about how great you are* - it's about real contribution and giving away what you want to keep. yay!

*although you are great and the occasional pontification is justified

NP - this is great.

I'm not a planner but once upon a time worked in BD for an agency that didn't have planners - I now realise that what I was doing then was part of a planner’s role.

I'm not sure where to next, career wise, but I will definitely be considering working my way into planning. In the meantime I am enjoying reading and learning from blogs like yours.


Thanks Jade, and I've got to agree that planning is (and should be)done by people without that job title.

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