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April 18, 2007


Rigid flexibility

yes!! same works in art!! you have to keep yourself open to things fucking up, in order to know how to fix them! it's all part of what i call craft, but you prefer to call rigour :)

i'm really enjoying the shape of your 'recent posts' list too....

Rigid flexibilty - like that.

Lauren, I've got to learn morea about art, it may help me become a bit less geeky

NP, that is the greatest misconception ever.

Yes NP ... have to agree with Lauren, the rest has done you good, the posts are tops.

I also have to agree with Lauren that being into art DOES NOT MAKE YOU LESS GEEKY - but it does colour your mind and imagination which is why art and science are a wonderful combination.

Pity I failed both at school!

It's one of my biggest academic regrets that I pursued neither science nor maths past high school.

As I get older I'm less and less tolerant of sloppy thinking, both in myself and in others (and particularly in briefs), and it's been my experience that people with scientific backgrounds are much more rigorous reasoners.

Wordy types like me too often focus on the language at the expense of the idea it's expressing.

Sorry if that wasn't clear - I meant that I wanted to learn more about art so I'm less geeky than now. I don't know enough about it and want to know more.
Art is anything but geeky.

It isn't you who wasn't clear ... trust me, but don't think artists aren't immune from geekiness because they're not - it just manifests itself in other ways.

However science and art are the ultimate combination to create fresh communication relevance for consumers and I just wish people didn't look at them as mutually exclusive camps.

Great post ...

Thanks. Wanted to make sure - Lauren must have been pretty pissed off if she took it the wrong way.

Anyway, shouldn't you be in bed?

pissed off? are you kidding? i'm a proud artgeek!

lots of people like to think they're cool when they're artists, but really, most of us are a bunch of nerds. (like any field, really). put it this way, 'i'm an artist' has never got me laid.

however, i agree with rob, that knowing about art will expand your mind and your imagination and that's pretty damn cool.

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