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April 20, 2007


that's gotta hurt NP.

You're not wrong Marcus, not at all

Once while very very drunk at a friends house they got me a coffee...and the same thing happened.

Luckily I was too drunk to feel the pain!

At least you have an excuse.


This is more about psychological barriers than anything else. If you can co-ordinate yourself in the pool, or even on the court (yet to be tested) you can do it in the real world. Simply treat every change of direction like a tumble-turn, every tricky cup to mouth move like a well timed forehand. Bingo.
You'll look like a ballet dancing merman, but your balls will love you for it.


If you can hit a tennis serve well (something I can relate better to than swimming since I basically sink in a pool) I think Stuart is right - it's about psychological barriers more than anything else. But thinking about a ballet dancing merman (especially if it entails a leotard), I think you may want to live with your self-alleged clumsiness.

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