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April 17, 2007


Yes it is. Its why I hate ads that are poor, because its so clear that they could do better if they (or the client) just looked harder.

Im exactly the same with drawing.

i failed art in year 8. every now and again i want to send an exhibition invitation to my year 8 art teacher. i know, i should really let it go.

Do it Lauren ... it is bound to be libterating.

Adam Clayton, the bassist from U2, bought the stately home next to the school he attended as a child ... a school where he said the teachers were the most horrible people he had ever met.

Talk about 'making a statement' ...

Most of my teachers were great, just the bloody art teacher.

Go on Lauren. Just don't vandalize anything.

I nearly quit A levels because my teacher kept messing my project around.

( I was a week behind as I was waiting for someone I needed for my research, so he told me to scrap it and started me on something else which three weeks and much work later it turned out I couldnt use! I then had to find something else... when I would have been much further ahead on my original project!)

Oh, and the deadline was over a YEAR later.

He expected me to fail and I got a C. Not bad I think...bastard.

I've got a stack of crap painting that no-one should ever have to look at. They happen to be my favourite ones because that failed me (or I failed them). They are proof that I need to try harder, think harder and do better. When ever a painting is goint to well I look at my rubbish paintings to make sure I'm not getting too cocky.

And your art teacher was a tosser. Give me the name...the sausage crew do the rest.

I'd rather give you the name of a former boss, but that's another story.

By the way, I only have to think of some very bad thinking I've been responsible for in the past to get the neurons firing..

This is a lovely post.
I'm glad you're back!

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