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April 26, 2007


Fucking top drawer post.

David is a legend; if anyone reading this has a chance to have drinks with the man - do it.

I take it you have. Lucky Will.

Wonderful ... wonderful post ... but then George is a wonderful bloke with a wonderful track record ... but you know what, I would like to hear the NP side of planning too - not because George isn't relevant [ha, he'd kill me if I said that] but because I think your post about the struggle of being a planner 'oop North' is even more practical for wannabe planners - or ad people in general.

PS: You are right, the best creatives are also the best planners. Sickening really ...

Thanks Rob. I'm hoping that feedback down here will help too. But I'll try to add my side of stuff to things too. Some of that will happen naturally as I translate other people's words. But that's good advice.

I think it helps that my father is a regional ad man (MD of an agency in Cheltenham), so I've got a rough idea about what it's like.

Any clients in that neck of the woods; you could do a lot worse than his company..

Watching TV round our house is amusing:

'Bet you that was the client's fault'

'What self indulgent crap'

Cripes, how can you remember the content of all those APG talks!? That was like an infinity ago.

And whilst I blush, you do a disservice to yourself and the rest of the crack planning team we had all those years ago... speaking of which, I came across Anne-Fay last week, she's over at "Whatif?" now.

I took notes and I'm terrible at collecting stuff and not throwing it away...

Ah, Anne-Fay. Hope she was, and is well. Crack planning team, very droll.

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