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April 24, 2007


That's brilliant! What the hell are you doing posting at this time of the morning?

Putting aside your terrible spelling in the opening few sentences [you wrote this late at night didn't you] ... I think this is a bloody toptastic idea and personally think we should try and get it sponsored or publicised because there are millions of people who feel this way and could do with help/tips and encouragement.

Of course I also feel totally 'shamed' into not getting my priorities in order, but I am trying and am winning the battle. Abit.

I really look forward to seeing this progress and then add some of my own recipies as I go on.

I am in awe of you for being in control, I know we can all do it, it's about discipline, boundaries and attitude - stuff too many of us are good at interms of work, but crap when it comes to home and health.

Maybe you should start this as another blog? AntidoteToBusyLife.com?

Well done mate ... think this is ace!

Rob, the detail was bad even for me. Not sure about another blog just yet, might be best to wait and see how many people tick me off for lecturing them. And add anything you like.

NP - I use almost the same recipe, except it's not 'in a bag'.

Sprinkle pepper over the top, grill salmon, do the same to cherry tomatoes, make some white sauce, potatoes and leeks = job done inside of half an hour.

Sounds good Will, but I'm not sure it passes the 'easy' test'. Grilling salmon is very easy to get wrong. So is white sauce - and washing up a white sauce pan is quite labour intensive don't you think?

NP - buy white sauce mix. Add milk.

Grilling just involves coming back after 5/10 minutes.

Not too bad, but certainly a 3/5 in the ex-student difficulty stakes.

Good point. You've reminded me to add the 'not out of a packet' rule where possible.

I do a chicken in a bag along the same lines. Never thought of doing salmon.

This is a fab idea! Looking forward to seeing the rest

Oh yes, chicken works very well. You don't have to marinade quite the same, it seems to just steam in.

This is it people. This is what is going to save Web 2.0! I can feel it, feel it in my water.


Could you please include lots of recipies (like the one above) that require minimal washing up /dishwasher loading as most nights by the time I've eaten I'm really no in the mood for a wash-up-a-thon. Cheers :-)

Another good point Gemma. I'll include a washing up rating in future. And the above recipe wins on those stakes.

OK here a minimal wash up meal that tastes good and takes...wait for it 15 minutes. Serves one person.

1. Boil a full kettle of water.

3. Pour boiling water into a Wok, salt and add a little olive oil.

4. Take a small handful of Spaghetti and add to boiling water and keep until al dente

5. While the Spaghetti is cooking chop 2 spring onions and three fresh tomatoes. Then chop 1 clove of garlic. Add some salt to the garlic and grind it with the flat of the knife. Take a lunch bunch of basil and wash it in warm (not cold) water and roughly chop it.

6. When the Spaghetti is cooked drain in a colander.

7. Take the Wok (it’s still hot) and heat up good splash of olive oil. Add the onions and tomato and cook them quickly. Just before you add the Spaghetti add the garlic.

8. Add the Spaghetti and mix all up well.

9. Stir in the basil.

10. Serve with fresh parmesan.

Good show Marcus.

oh, and salt and pepper of course. I forgot. Sorry

NP - this is great - I am a huge fan of home cooked meals using only fresh ingredients, but lately have been stuck in a rut of spag bol or takeaway.

I love the minimal wash up as well.

Hello Jade. Hope there's something that may help in what follows.

No Parmesan Marcus, but I really like the rest of the dish.

The basic omelette is to be championed as well.

this is great!! can't test the recipe (being vegetarian and all), but love the post and look forward to many in the future... feel free to lecture as much as necessary.
maybe go easy on the 'not out of a packet' rule so that 'out of a jar' in certain circumstances is passable.

ignore that comment - just read the next installment...

Thanks Lauren. You're right, I must include some vegetarian stuff.. and a jars. Packets however will be a last resort.

And I'm glad the exhibition went well.

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