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April 17, 2007


I look forward to seeing the real NP (although I personally do find it hard when it's a (semi) work related blog).

hey NP. i totally understand the need to divorce from our blogs every now and again.
when i was a teenager, after i did my homework, but way before i did the dishes, i used to spend hours on the phone talking with friends, finding out what they thought about things, watching tv together, gossiping about the other girls at school. this is my adult (ish) version of this and every now and again, it's good to have some 'me' time and do the dishes.

I not only understand what you are saying [Jill keeps saying I am obsessed] but what do you mean 'it wasn't you?' I think I understand, but want you to clarify. I just hope to hell the 'real' you is as nice as the 'false' you or I'll be really upset.

Angus - it is, but it's worth a try.

Rob, most of the blog's me, but some of it was trying a little bit too hard - saying what I thought people wanted to hear. That's all wrong since I don't care about impressing people, I just like writing about what interests me and would rather let readers select themselves.

Also, while I AM opinionated, I'm not arrogant. Some posts seemed up their own arse.
I wanted it to be more about some of the basics too, there's too much theory out there. That's what I like about your blog for example.
Also, this is my blog and, as you pointed out, not much has actually about me.

Time to move on.

Let me say quite categorically, you have NEVER come across 'up your own arse' - unlike certain others I could mention, like me. Glad you are back mate ...

i second that.
the bit about you not being up your own arse. not the bit about rob being up his own arse.

What on EARTH are you on about NP? What's he on about...can someone tell me?

Daft bugger.

Im not sure!

Im not aware of you ever appearing up your own arse...

Im not sure!

Im not aware of you ever appearing up your own arse...

Well, as long as he keeps writing stuff and does some iPod Singing I'm happy.

I have the same worry about my blogging habits.

And no, you definitely don't appear arrogant.

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