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May 31, 2007


Have a good holiday. A week without NP (again). Don't know if I can manage.

I'll see you tomorrow mate, so I can quiz you about just where in Greece you are going.. Rhodes & Crete are bloody nice, in my opinion.

great recipe..although i might do an awful cheat and just buy curry paste from a jar - living out of a suitcase isn't conducive to packets of garam masala and tamarind paste... and you MUST do a think on proper fluffy rice - we all have our ways and it would be ace to have it all in the one place. i might be joining you PSFK kids for drinks afterwards, so we might, just might catch up! yay!

Have a great one mate - hope to see you soon and hear good news about all the stuff that's been going on in your life.

David Badiel's Doppelganger. Unfortunately.

Have a lovely trip.

That's right! You just go off on hols to somewhere beautiful and hot and relax. Don't worry about me and my new blog. No really, don't..

Thanks I won't;-0)
Pull you're finger out woman.
And I'll send you that stuff on over 45's when I get back.

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