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May 09, 2007


Great post.

I've seen Malcolm speak as well. He's very good.

This is an excellent post NP, really inspiring stuff and some great lessons.

It's printing out right as I type this. Thank You.

PS. Loving the photographic reference to The Kooks at the top. GREAT ALBUM!

Thanks Age, and I couldn't resist sneaking them in.

Excellent post.
Useful info and some good references too :)

how synchronous that i should be thinking about this as well, but in smaller ways and in terms of art and presentation! i think the more information that is available to people and the more choice people are given, the more important brands are, but only if they're succinct.

This is bloody insipational ... everyone should be reading this, regardless what area they work in. It would of taken me years to write all that and then I wouldn't have been so clear, engaging and interesting. Apart from the fact you make me sick, you should be lecturing at the APG. We need more NP's in advertising, let alone planning.

You are a nice man Mr Campbell. But I suggest quite a few people are going to get a shot in the arm from your APSOW stuff. Quite brilliant.

Well I hope so, but this isn't about me, it's about how great this post is so just accept the bloody compliment.

"We will, we will ROCK YOU!"

not listening

If he could only reach you, that would be a breakthrough...

Very, very good post. Love your moan at brand consultancies.

basic stuff but worth remembering

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