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May 15, 2007


Do it. Simply do it. I'd come. Promise.

yes, please do it. i would also come.
i could visit the tate in st.ives, bring a vegetarian dish with me that could last you a couple of days and join you for a nice cup of tea, love.

A lovely post and one that nobody should diminish. I had a girlfriend once who ran 3 restaurants, I loved nothing more than going to the market 3 times a week to buy fresh produce. We were like a tag team. I got the fish, meat and poultry, she got the vegetables because I didn't know the names of all the herbs and so forth in Thailand. I'm never happier than around real people buying and selling in a market.

But it's very hard work particularly back at the rance. Long hours, a hundred interruptions a day if not more, from staff, customers and normal day to day things, But that doesn't mean it can be done and enjoyably so.

Anyway, you wouldn't be a proper Northerner if you set up shop in St IVes :)

NP, I love dreams like this, I think they help you keep going when things get tough. Like a little escape route that is in the back of your mind. I think you would be very successful if you were to embark on such an adventure. The whole slow food movement seems to be gathering momentum at the moment.

I tried my dream for a little while about 5 years ago and I loved it. I don't know if I will ever do it full time, but maybe one day.

I love your recipes, and my hubby loved his sausages last night (even if I couldn’t buy any bacon for the dish).

Based on that post I'd recommend you think about becoming a food or travel writer.


I'm glad my post was useful too. I've recently caught up with an old friend and ex-colleague who has given up research to follow her 'simpler life' dream and is making a huge success of it.

Thanks everyone, one day...

Jade, glad you liked it.

Stan, there's a thought..

Never say never NP, keep nurturing that dream! I dream about these things too from time to time. Actually, I do it quite often, to be honest.

It's not that I don't enjoy what I do, not at all, I enjoy it a lot. It's just that I think a (seemingly) simpler life – like running that coffee shop - makes it easier to be present in the moment; to live in the here and now. Too often, I find myself living in my head, 'disembodied' in a kind of literal way. And this prevents me from seeing and appreciating all the wonderful and fascinating things around me. Now that I can’t afford.

Anyway, if you ever have a change of heart, let me know. I can assure you I’ll be able to give your business a significant boost as a food-passionate customer.

aaahh. Please do it. I would come lots. We could talk about advertising (or at least what little I know about it), being Northern, dreaming, Leeds and the definitive fish pie recipe.

You have spotted a need in St Ives, definitely. Before you dismiss this as more whistful-withou -validity type supportive nonsense, FYI my husband's hairdreser moved there two years ago and is now thriving. Surfing everyday and loving it. Planning his day around his tide watch.

Realised how camp that last description looks. My husband's hairdresser rather than your dreams.

Sounds cocky but I am going there on Saturday. I share your feelings. It is a lovely place.
BTW everyone I know in St Ives is a Northerner. You could be St Ives planner too.

Thanks Deborah. Hope you have a good time.
St Ives planner, now there's a thought;-)

Dear NP,

Great post about the St Ives coffee shop dream.

I hope it becomes a reality.

If you do it, it kind of gives others 'permission' to do it too.

Years ago I used to be a writer at the Leith Agency, in Edinburgh, and when I was 40 actually did it, me and my Missus went to live in Padstow for a couple of years.

Paddling out the back at Boobies or Watergate, (when it wasn't over 3 feet of course ;-), sandals, baggies from March to October, walking the dogs on the beach every morn, hammering the bike along the Camel Trail, spending waaaay too much in Rick Stein's and the London Inn, the full script.

Without doubt the best heart-ruled move I ever made, but alas poor planning/earning on my part ensured we ran out of money and had to return to Scotland.

All I can say, like others here, and indeed in Dan Wieden's truthful, unforgettable and oh so right exultation/exaltation?:

'Do It!'

But only if the finances stack up, and only if the Missus is fully onboard.

Of course, it's all very well and sage for me to write this; I'm still in Scotland.

But the dream endures, and indeed thanks the internets and how we use it to ply our trade, we might just have found the channel to get us where we want to be. You're great blogger, and from what I read also a very passionate adman.

2 qualities that will help you get what you want.

Hope you make it back there.

(Hope I make it too.)

best wishes,


ps. Small world alert; I used to be a writer at BDH, in the days of Al Dickman, Dave Bailey, Martin Anderson and gluing clients to boards with wallpaper adhesive.

At least you had a go. Won't happen to me anytime soon.
Small industry isn't it? I like the way that forces you to be nice to people, and how you always get caught out in the end if you're not (and Leith is my second choice for emmigration).

i dream of this too

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