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May 25, 2007


No wonder you haven't been posting - this must of taken you bloody ages to write but let me tell you it was worth every second 'cause it's fucking brilliant. You must speak beyond the blog - you must speak at conferences [and further away than the British shores] because more people need to hear this, and I include myself - because it educates, inspires and reminds all at the same time. Great, great, great.

And your trademark is your bad spelling so don't change it.

Well, unless it's to major clients! :)

That's very kind. I'm just glad it makes sense;-)

NP, this is so good, that i'll have to read it in two chunks. and so far, it has reminded me exactly why i hang out with you planners and that there is a huge similarity between planning and art practice. i'll post another comment when i've come back to read the second half.

BTW, lovely to have you posting again.

Nicely put NP.

Fucking amazingly put, if you want me to be blunt.

Got to echo Rob here. Speak, impart, discuss.. just get those pearls out of this blog and ringing into the ears of the masses.

NP: You could have eeked this out into loads of smaller posts but it's brilliantly generous to have them all here in one.

Have you seen the discussion on thought processes we're having on Brand Tarot? The experience you describe is very familiar. I don't have many ideas either and I'm a painfully slow thinker.

Oh, and Kato is gorgeous!

Hi NP, been away and just got around to reading this properly. It's a great, properly good.

OK NP, i finally got around to reading the second half of this and again, standing fucking ovation! I'll be linking to this one, believe me.
one thing i'd like to add is to the 'how do you know it works' bit. i often find if i feel like i've seen it/heard it before - ie "somebody must have done this already", but know that it hasn't, it's usually a good sign.

Bastard. Wish I'd thought of this!

If you can't be good be first;-)

wise words mate.

Easily the best post on planning I've ever read. Better than any training I've attended, any advice I've had from friends, any words of wisdom from colleagues.

Thanks, NP! That's gonna help my next couple of hours no-end!

Must be the best post on the topic ever. My mother would get it. In fact I might test it on her since I'm on holiday at my parents' place posting this from their Jurassic machine.

(I'm temporarily using the alias Northernmost Planner since my location for the next three weeks is actually farhter north than yours, Andrew. Hope you don't mind).

I shall now try to unblog and go back to having a holiday. But first I must read this one more time.

Dear Fred ...


Love ...
Your boss.

Yes! Thanks for the kind words Fred but you're on holiday!
And thanks everyone else. I'm glad this stuff seems to be useful.

love love

Thanx for the infos...Looking forward for more :)

Thanx for the infos...Looking forward for more :)

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one thing i'd like to add is to the 'how do you know it works' bit. i often find if i feel like i've seen it/heard it before - ie "somebody must have done this already", but know that it hasn't, it's usually a good sign.


Great post Mr.NP. It is shining :)

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