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May 17, 2007


completely wrong.
it's probably not the most flattering photo, but bruce willis? not even close.

and i'm not just saying that 'cos of the freddie mercury thing either. although surely i'd be forgiven if that was the case, right?

Dead right, thank you.

Poor man's Bruce Willis? VERY poor man!

Though I can see Freddie Mercury pre-moustache! Ahem.

rob! don't be so nasty!

Revenge is a dish best served cold
Klingon proverb

You've been waiting for this for a while haven't you Rob? And there I thought you'd forgotten the Harry Potter incident. Silly me.

You better believe it ... and you should be grateful as I could of said you look like Demi Moore when she was in that 'G.I. Jane' rubbish. Mind you, that's still better than the 'thing' I resemble in 'Harry bloody Potter'.

Is that really a tie? For fuck's sake NP, that's a tie! Are you a suit again?

Is that really a tie? For fuck's sake NP, that's a tie! Are you a suit again?

It must have annoyed you Mr Dead Man, you've put it twice.
Suit again? Are you kidding?

G.I Jane, very droll.
By the way, I'm at a computer at the gymn Rob and it won't let me post on your blog - too many swear words apparently.
You're wife to be is very talented and, I hope, very forgiving. Genius;-)

You'll be happy to know NP I think I am a dead man, ha!

Nope, not at all like Brucie, though you do have strong features - this is good.

Next time, tilt your chin down a little - not really obviously - the flash will be more flattering that way.

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