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May 18, 2007


My old CD once reminded me of the old 'if you can't be good, be nice' adage. At the time I thought it was good advice. What a fool I was. Anyway, learnt to smile a lot. Still working on the rest.

oooo... ears burning. Send my regards to Jenny - hope Andrea's coming along nicely. Who was the other freelancer? Lucy? Is a crazy small world in the Northern advertising scene. My wife also used to work with Jenny, and now works with Gemma.

As for helpful adages, my own personal experience has taught me "if you can't be good, make good tea." There's a post on our blog about making the perfect cuppa, and a brlliant piece in the latest Howies catalogue. Read, brew, enjoy.

...and thanks for the pea soup recipe too. might go for the meaty option. Had a can of Heinz tomato soup last night, which was always my favourite as a child. Found it tasted remarkably artificial. Still good, but just a bit... plasticcy.

I get away with murder because I make proper tea in a pot. Good call.
Must do a tomato soup recipe.

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