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June 02, 2007


Very nice it was having lunch with you too. Have a fabulous holiday!

NP .. Go on holiday & remember that it is generally the small places that have the most interesting views and people because they are the ones that HAVE TO think like that to stand a chance of beating the establishment and their traditional, conservative opinions in a pitch. It's not that there aren't clever sods in big agencies, but their existence is more for 'corporate show' than to actively do or change anything in an organization which attracts many clients BECAUSE of their boring, conformist stability

Lovely to (fleetingly) meet you again NP.

We shall have to meet up again in the future.

Until then, have a bloody great holiday.

hey NP - it is absolutely right that you went home and spent time with your wife and i'm glad, for that's case, that we didn't get to chat. we'll catch up in a fortnight.
in speaking to the kids afterwards, my sense of the day was something similar - that people got a lot out of iain, 'we make money not art' kids, the penguin guy.. all outside the trad agency. encouraging.

coffee was nice. come down again soon. or we could come up.

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