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June 12, 2007


YAY! Welcome back. Are you chubby now?

A week is a long time in genetics Mr NP!!!

Wonderful to have you back, really great.

How was it all?

Yes Marcus, I'm a bit soft around the edges. The new swimming project will soon take care of that.
Rob, give us a feel..

And there ladies, is undeniable proof that men are obsessed with boobs - even if they are fake, plastic ones on a rough looking bloke from Nottingham! You lot are truly the stronger sex.

welcome back. and looking forward to finally meeting you at interesting on Saturday

I wish I could go to interesting on Saturday! You lucky buggers.

Oh yes, it will be day and half. No talk of Leeds United Doug.

Welcome back!

I'm discovering how difficult it is to source good images of games...let alone videos.

agree NP

leeds united: the love that dare not speak its name

Rob - women are obsessed with boobs too, especially fake ones.

Great to have you back NP!

Nice to have you back NP.

Hello Helen. Would you please have a drink with me!

welcome back NP. i hope greece was a bowl of chicken soup for your soul and looking forward to catching up on saturday.

rob, you've no need to creep on helen - your fiancé is proof enough that she's right - i've seen the photos!

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