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June 14, 2007


Thank god for that, i'd never have been able to recognise you without it!


Can't wait to see you and chat about planningblog a little further. I've been so busy I haven't done anything, but still want to make it a planning magazine - e-zine - whatever. See you Saturday.

can't wait to meet you there!! i'm planning on talking to you about nothing to do with planning at all (i'll leave that to the experts like carol).

and i'm glad you're wearing that shirt - i know what you look like, but i hate mispronouncing people's names, so thanks for saving me from that one.

No point talking to me about planning if you want to talk to an expert.
Carol, I'm feeling slightly guilty at letting you do all the work - but not enough to pull my finger out;-0)

I won't be talking about planning either! Probably about jewellery as I've just done a big project on that. Relevant to loss, people tear up when they mention sentimental items that have been stolen....

Ha, ha! All the work's to come...I haven't done much except start deleting anything that shouldn't be in a planning mag. That will take some time. I do need advice on what kinds of links to have but it can start small - soft launch I think it's called. C U.

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