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June 18, 2007


I'm gutted I had to go before I could see this. I'm gutted we didn't have more time. Sorry NP.

"In everyday life, I'm Inspector Clouseau, in water I'm Fred Astaire"... love it

Brilliant gig mate, thought it was great - also lovely to (albeit briefly) meet you in person, made even more special by the fact it was facilitated by twitter

Great talk NP.

I'm gutted I couldn't meet up with you afterwards.

Was a great talk, quite nicely inspiring as well.

Well done!

Likewise. Funnily enough, I shall be thieving your stuff for something or other today...

Mine?? *scratches head* or Marcus?



I see!
I wonder what on earth for...

Hi Sacrum, hope the many mile are treating you with warmness.

Thanks for a great presentation, glad you liked the comment. A shame we didn't get to talk properly but at least we shook hands, which is an improvement on last time! Looking forward to talking more next time...

Hi Andrew.

Lovely to meet you on Saturday. I was really inspired by the words you spoke on stage and that you spotted the inscription: "To thine own self be true" - how important that is!

And I could relate to your journey of discovering that a body 'weirdness' can actually manifest as a talent. I'm super bendy so in yoga classes, I'm the Daddy (as it were...).

See you anon in the blogsphere.

Your speech was simple and clear and very English. It was great to watch and hear how good a speaker you are, your diction is excellent you know. I never knew that about swimmers, but then, it was a whole day of learning and stimulation.

I loved your talk. Thank you. I love swimming as well and am crap at all other sports. I'm quite crap as swimming as well, but liked what you said and the way you said it.

You are all very nice. Glad you like swimming.
Next time I do a talk it may be about enjoying doing something badly - I'm happily hopeless at weekly five a side

Great illustrations. Did you do them yourself?

Stan, I'm ashamed to say I did

I missed your talk and I love this post!

I loved your talk, absolutely charming! Thank you so much.

oh damn, my comment didn't work out. well, what i wanted to say the other day was that i had been thinking loads about your talk and what you had to say about being good at what you do. so i quit my shit job and am concentrating doing the things i am good at. thanks so much NP. you're tops.

Well played Lauren. That's good to know. It's something I'm thinking abuot professionaly too.

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