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June 25, 2007


I wasnt complaining as such!

I liked the place we went, its just that with the trains being so rubbish the nearer the place is to the station the more time I have there!

and i'll be gatecrashing the party too!

i won't be bringing any plannery types with me, but i promise to discuss the latest consumer insight research methodology if so required :)

I get the feeling this is going to be even more packed than our last Manchester meeting!

From a very early age my father always taught me there are two kinds of people in life: people who shave their heads, and people who don't. Whilst I fear Rob might have a height and reach advantage on me, he'll always be one of those "doesn't shave his head" chaps.
Simon "The Hitman" Griffin
(Got some good options for bars - will let you know asap)

Have you SEEN how little hair I have. Just because I dont yet have the head shaver doesnt mean I won't be using one!


Good work!

erm - can i get a time on this soiree, chaps? trying to sort out logistics..

7pm/7-30pm probably.

Bit quiet around here NP. You still alive?

Barely. Workload doesn't help but thanks to rain and floods is takes me ages to drive ANYWHERE.
Not a happy man, even less happy to find you'll be in London and I can't get there.

I would just like to point out to my current employer that I will not be in London on Monday. This is a vicious rumour. Nothing more, nothing less.

Marcus don't worry, no one reads this blog anyway

Don't be daft. I do.

i look at some of the pictures

That's very kind of you Gripper

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