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July 16, 2007


Great project idea.

The prize has to be a garden fork

Too expensive Andrea

Tea bag?

NOTE TO ALL ENTRANTS: NP may be a man of integrity, I however am easily bought.

Think on.

Bloody wonderful assignment ... now if you could only improve your spelling [the 2nd word of your post is buggered - that's even bad for you!] you'd be my number 1 hero.

Technically it's spelt right, it's just grammar deficiant...

Very bloody funny.

NP, you have mail.

How come even the cynic spelt 'deficient' wrong

Yeah Rob M. Sort it out.

Good spot Andrea, I hadn't paid attention to that. :)

Sounds good.

Hopefully my love of sitting will come in handy here.

Nicely spotted!

True David... You could sit for England, or at least I think thats what she said...

Good man David, good man. Sitting is skill that takes years of training, keep up the good work

I wish I hadn't said anything now!

a fantastic task NP!

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