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July 09, 2007


These posts are incredibly useful to me NP, thanks a million.

At the place I'm currently at, there are really no research systems in place at all, in fact, research is regarded quite poorly. This is a great concern to me because as a junior planner I should be learning about this stuff in the workplace whilst getting some real experience under my belt if I want to move forward in this business.

Saying all this, that's why i really appreciate your posts about this topic. If not for the actual tips and insights you provide, but also for enlightening me on some planner specific tasks that I'm probaby not learning at the moment, and should be.

Thanks Age, I'm really glad this stuff is useful. There's just not enough about basics out there.

NP, this is really great stuff. I wish I'd had this when I first started

Thanks for the kind words. Hope it helps someone somewhere.....

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Very useful suggestions for my assignment. thank you.

Thank you for this very useful information.

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