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July 31, 2007


Again - this is a wonderful post NP but I think if you gave some practical examples of things you've done [both good and bad] you may find people 'get it' more easily.

That came out as a criticism and it wasn't meant to be ... sorry.

I also think it would be good if you do a post on WHEN research is needed versus when clients think it is needed and how to demonstrate this.

I say it because we often have clients wanting to research EVERYTHING [especially with our US clients] and its only because of George's talent and trust that stops work grinding to a complete halt when they want to investigate whether the bloody font size is engaging enough.

[That is not a joke, a client asked us about that once. Or an ex client I should say, ha!]

For God's sake, feedback's the only way you learn. I tried to keep these short anf to the point, but if they come accross as dull textbook their isn't much point. I'll update them I think, and take the time to make them a bit more human.
And as for the WHEN to do research, that's certainly a post all in itself!

Oh bollocks, it wasn't meant to offend - it was actually a congratulations on writing great stuff.

That's the problem with blogging, emotion can't come out and shine.

Pay attention 007.

I was thanking you for the feedback. If something can be made better, it bloody well should.

I only strop at patently lame taste in music.

It's late ... I'm tired ... it's bloody hot and I've been ranting at the cocks who think an ad has a deliberate social cause in it - give me a god damn break and accept my compliments.

Now did my crap preso make it through to your 'alternate' address???

Fair play.
And it did thankyou.
It's anything but crap.

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