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August 31, 2007


I'm going on 20th Sep.... I'm with you on this NP, I think he's ace

Trust you enjoyed it!

Really good Doug, the Mrs isn't a big fan,and even she loved it.
I heard a rumour you're in a corporate box, that true?
And really sorry to hear about the car. That sucks.
By the way, were you in Leeds train station on Fridau morning? I couldn't stop, we were late for the train, I hope it wasn't, I don't need another thing to be annoyed at right now.

Yes, I managed to wangle some corporate hospitality - can't wait!!

And yes (sorry), it was me... I was heading back to London after a very late and very drunken client party in Leeds on the Thursday... but on the plus side I would have been so hungover I wouldn't have been at my best! I'll be up again late Sep, will drop you a note.

And as for the car...grrr...

Anyway, viva The Smiths!! :-)

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