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August 29, 2007


Have you been reading Kurzweil?

Sporadically, but I didn't know he'd done stuff on this area. Where can I find it?

How does that relate to brands and the process of planning? Are we merely applications in the super computer that help define meaning for the particles? The notion that we have our reality created for us or we create it by observation seems to have a parallel to brands and people.

Do I make sense, or have you just successfully scrambled my brain?

interactive or experiential architecture/art works from this theory, in that the artwork is only an artwork or 'functional' when we interact with it - that perception or experience is actually a vital element of form. when i get back from europe, i'm going to make sure i head up the M1 and we can have a geek catch-up session!

I hadn't really thought of how it may apply to brands really Jake, but it's maybe interesting to think about how brands are made up of lots of little ideas and associations, that create some sort of overall picture....but at the same time, the picture is actually defined by the people that see it, how they behave around it.
Lauren, give us a shout, and I've got to agree, the viewer is as much part of it as the object. Let us know when you're up

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