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August 20, 2007


Golly gee mister, I'm just happy to be here! :) Seriously though, thanks Andrew and Stuart for your excellent feedback, and thanks everyone else for your great ideas. It's your insights and creativity that make me think (hope!) that planning might be the right job for me.

Wow, cheers for that!

I hope you didn't spend all your holiday writing this post. It's much appreciated though, can't get this sort of feedback anywhere else.

I'm amazed how even DFS can inspire so many different but great ideas

Thanks Andrew and Stu for your excellent feedback. And to everyone for the great ideas presented on Sofas. Gee. Next assignment please ;-)

Thanks Andrew and Stuart for the excellent feedback.And thanks everybody else who had participated and shared their ideas. And Roop looks like we got the same title for the presentation.

When's the next assingment please?

who is going to assign the next one??

Thanks to you both for the fantastic opportunity and constructive feedback! It's greatly appreciated - looking forward to the next task! Great to see such a wide range of responses too...

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