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September 12, 2007


Who did he do it for, Northern ? Funnily enough I have just had a meeting with a New Deal for Communities organisation that is trying to design a project that uses social marketing to reduce smoking rates within its community.

Just speculative Tom. But we were pretending is was for someone like ASH, or a COI campaign

Smoking cessation is huge in the public sector. You could sell that as a programme for third sector agencies to implement many, many times over.

The community organisation that just approached me with a budget uses children as 'experts' to stop their parents smoking by talking about it in the kitchen, in front of the TV etc - as opposed to using girls to influence boys.

I'm pretty anti-smoking myself, so I hope one day I can put my tumbling ideas on the matter to good use.

Thanks for linking to the blog anyway. Just the sort of motivation I need to keep updating now the Uni work is starting again.

David - would you like me to get some feedback on your presentation from people who are developing programmes of smoking cessation with government money, on the ground ? The organisation I am thinking of is a New Deal for the Communities organisation - look it up on wikipedia, I'm sure it's there - maybe under NDC.

Yeah, I managed to find it under NDC.

If you were able to show them it, that would be some brilliant feedback to get.

Cheers Tom!

OK, I'll wait for an opportune moment in the next few weeks and let you know what feedback I get.

Great, thanks again.

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