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October 12, 2007


hi. all good interesting stuff. thanks for taking the trouble to write it down

This is great mate, wonderful reminder for old hacks like me and fantastic educator for anyone wanting to get into the biz.

Without this sounding as condecending as it probably will, I have the upmost respect for both your approach and your desire to educate people on the importance of rigour - the more people like you, the better planning and adland will be.

Only thing I would add - and this is a subsequent comment rather than any sort of criticism - is that some creatives love to truly be part of the whole 'information gathering' process ... from attending 'tours' of the factory through to having masses of history presented to them ... so while I believe all planners should have a 'style', they also need to appreciate that if they go to the trouble of finding out what approach best motivates their creative partners [and 'adapt' their style to suit] it can often pay massive dividends in what you get back.

Of course not every creative is like this, but I guess I am saying that a one-size-fits-all approach is not always as powerful as spending time finding out how to get the best out of eachother.

Yep, that's condecending ... sorry.

All good points Rob. There's not point doing the fourth post, but may as well soldier on.

And there's no need to be shy of giving good advice

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