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October 02, 2007


A great and highly useful post for a lot of people I would imagine....not just me. I've just browsed through it quickly and will have to come back to it later when I have more time. Cheers NP.

Thanks Fred. Like all these posts it's probably too long, but I want it to be a proper reference, some times there are no short cuts.

"The answer was in all the data they hadn't even looked at. And the other agencies didn't bother looking."

I've made a career out of this. I call it turd polishing.

You said it Lee

"it's really worth shouldering more responsibility and to do some of your own groups ... if you can, you should. You can't get a proper feel for emotions and reactions unless you're in there with them."

Good that you say IF YOU CAN, bec while most planners can run groups it's not as easy as it might seem ...

... and the flip side of getting in touch with emotions etc is being rather biased about one idea of other - some planners act as if they're there to sell not to understand (sorry, but that is our experience)

We do lots of ad research and we share moderating with planners sometimes (ie they do some groups, we do others) - which works well when planner and researcher have a good (open, honest) relationship

Good, practical points about the planning and research issue - there's a few good papers on the subject, can look them out for you...?

Thanks for the feedback Kevin, the more views the better.
I think you've a good point about planners thinking their job is just getting the work through...personally I think much of that comes down to craft. Proper digging and thinking about what you find and what it means - as opposed to maming sure you find what you need to prove your point.
Whichever you cut it, you're dead right when you say it comes down to open relationships.
And any papers you have would be greatly appreciated.

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