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November 01, 2007


You realise everyone reading this is going to think about it next time they go shopping!

I just ordered it from Amazon. It was just the push I needed to start reading something for a paper I'm working on for university so I have to say thank you for the recommendation, it seems to be really on-topic, unlike other books I had on my list!

It's worth it trust me. Hard going in bits (what is it with academic prose, reminds me of Newton writing everything in Latin to stop plebs reading his stuff) but really insightful.

jesus you're amazing NP! rather than think about this the next time i go shopping, i'm going to think about this when working out if i like a guy!
i've always known that 'stuff' matters - ie, what rekkids you buy, or what books you're into, but i never thought that the PROCESS of buying/shopping/choosing would be such a fantastic indicator of personality type and more intimate habitual quirks! (i know, i'm a bit slow.)
in fact, it makes a lot of sense (of course it would, you bloody wrote it) and i'm sure i'll think about it for the next year at least!.. brilliant.
and i like the idea of being a 'brand architect'.. works well for me..

Hi lauren, that's very nice of you.
Hope I haven't inadvertantly killed some great love stories with this...

i wouldn't worry about that NP..

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