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May 19, 2008


Thanks for reminding me about the 7 classic storylines - and maybe it's just me [which lets be honest is more than likely] but it seems more and more Hollywood movies are trying to feature all these story themes into each flick rather than focus on one.

Obviously I'm not saying every movie features a monster like 'King Kong' [just think a 'bad guy] - but in their quest to have a hit, it does seem they're trying to follow a 'mass story line' process rather than writing one great movie around one great theme.

Process over content? Sounds like adland!

Sod Booker. Jospeh Campbell's the man for this. Read "The Hero With a Thousand Faces."

Campbell's work is about "monomyth" - the ubiquity and commonality of narratives; how narrative (or myth) has always always played a powerful role in our lives.

The seven basic plots are just seven ways of telling the same story: the story/myth of the hero's journey, which - Campbell argues - is the most powerful, important narrative/archetype of all.
There's a hero's journey at the centre of all 7 of those plots.

Why is the hero important? Because the hero re-invigorates his/her society and is the seed of change.

Basically, the hero's the coolest guy around.

So. Does every ad need/have a hero?


I'd say that every ad has either a hero or an anti-hero.

Whether that person is a person, or a personification (ie, the sea/age in Guinness 'Surfer'), I think is open.

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