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July 29, 2008


I hate one word equity too ... well I hate it in the sense that some people believe that's all you need, because as I once debated with Scamp, it fails to capture tone-of-voice [or attitude] which is becoming increasingly important in these times of bland parity.

To be honest I hate 99% of the pithy bollocks most ad agencies spout ... I'm not even that keen on 'anger is energy' which is our mantra ... however when a company proves what they say rather than just says it, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt which is why I'll always have more time for M&C, TBWA etc than the likes of McCann's and Euro.

And don't get me started on 'big ideas'. In most cases they are very fucking small ideas with a snappy name. In many cases it's the little things that make the biggest difference but in these days of trying to justify your job [both client and agency] too many ignore them because they don't see - as you point out - the big picture ... which is where one word equity can mean something, ha!

Sorry to use your site as a promotional tool, but did you see the post I wrote a few days ago that seems similar in its views?


From the agencies I've worked previously I find TBWA and Lowe's strategic tools some of the most interesting and practical ways of unblock ideas and find solutions to problems.

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