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July 16, 2008


ha, how interesting about Wagamama. If this is the same type of restaurant we have in Melbourne then i wholeheartedly agree! There is a shift around here to introduce communal seating in places like shopping centre foodcourts, McDonalds, and a whole load of restaurants. I know it's probably meant to save space so they can fit more people in and they can sell it like some "new world" attempt to get people interacting, but I freakin HATE it!! I don't want to share table space with strangers when i'm with people I already trust to eat in front of. Especially since the act of eating is such a personal thing that we are all very conscious of.

Funny thing is Age, while eating is a personal thing in the West, in Asian societies [and certain European countries], eating is absolutely about socialbility which may mean Wagamama's floor plan is not just about 'space maximisation' but cultural influence. Mind you, if I find out WPP have bought it, then I'll change my opinion 100% :)

Have I been naturally deselected?

I believe number 12 is a John Webster quote referenced in Campaign by Dave Trott!

No Marcus, you absented yourself for awhile, but you're back in the circle of trust.
Welcome back. Hope you're well and stuff. I'd love to know what sort of epiphaney you had while you were in the mist........

thank goodness for rss readers, or i might have accidentally naturally selected more people than i would have liked to.

i love numbers 4 and 10. [and it's not just males, but they're jokes are better]

hmmmm no doubt I think you're right Rob. The problem is I just need to be more sociable!

The epiphany was to stop moaning.

So Marcus, I'm assuming you now hate all of cynic and Mr Parker then? Wise call ...

So Marcus, you're in bar and Sir Sorrell sits down next to you and offers you a drink, in exchange for advice on how he should do his job.
What would optimistic Brown tell him?

to go fuck himself.

Welcome top optimism.

ha! marcus - i laughed out loud for real then! welcome back lovely.

The playing the songs to people one is a brilliant observation. KInd of sad, too.

top marks for number 6, that feeling makes my skin crawl. 'oh jesus, the lyrics in this really are complete nonsense, aren't they'

On No.8 & Wagamamas - agree completely and why can I only seem to order Chicken Katsu curry?

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