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August 22, 2008


Makes a lot of sense; one can't plan for every permutation of external events. Unless there is built-in obsolescence, marketing shouldn't have an end game - there will always be a new situation that needs adapting to in order to maintain or change position

That's a cracking product. I've been after something to help do something like that since I saw one of Russell's presentations.

Agree with the sentiment as well.

looks like a neat product. like the point you're making too. that's why brand positionings are so problematic - too fixed, too static

I think brand positionings are very important ... without them you get wishy-washy rubbish that fails to make any impression on an already apathetic society.

That doesn't mean it's about a crappy tagline, it's about influencing the brands attitude and behaviour so it tell you as much about what you WOULDN'T do as what you do, do [do do? that's some extinct animal isn't it? boom tish]

As much as many companies ignore this rule, but strategy should be about getting a company/brand from A to B in the most effective manner [based on all sorts of criteria] ... so whilst you cannot account for every eventuality, you should be able to have a set of values/guiding principals that ensures you can manage any circumstance.

Mind you, it's rarely the positioning's issue as regards how static a company is in trying times, it's the level of fear that is inherent within the organisation.

i don't disagree with the importance of giving a brand a set of values/guiding principles - i just think a 'positioning' is too static - it suggests the brand has time to stand still and work out what it's about. i prefer something like pathway or plan or journey - it's got more momentum about it.

That depends on what the positioning is doesn't it Jonathan?

I agree if it is something rational they're probably going to run into problems if/when the World changes/evolves/collapses however if the positioning is based on some fundamental values then I think they can pretty much counter/embrace anything the World decides to throw at it.

Virgin is still using the same core positioning as they've had for the last 20 years and they've been able to adapt to a changing World and changing business divisions - which is why I believe it is really about the attitude and values of the company rather than all statements being labelled potential nooses [is that even a word?] around the neck.

But I could be talking shit :)

So are you both not agreeing then?
On my part, vision and manifesto that's about life and culture good. Rigid box ticking that's only about the category- bad.

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